President Biden failed to persuade Joe Manchin to agree to spending $3.5 trillion on the Democrats’ budget reconciliation package. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick claimed that migrants coming in from the southern border are being used to start a “silent revolution by the Democrat party to take over the country.” The White House has encouraged outside allies to share some of Jennifer Rubin’s articles online. Some landlords would rather evict tenants than accept federal rental aid. Nicki Minaj’s fans protest outside CDC headquarters following her tweets on vaccines.

Rep. Anthony Gonzalez bows out of running for reelection after voting to impeach former President Trump. Trump offered sympathy for those charged with participating in the January 6th riot, while not mentioning a controversial rally at the Capitol scheduled for this weekend. Video shows tourists attacking an NYC restaurant hostess after she asked for proof of COVID-19 vaccinations. After Mike Lindell publicly broke up with Fox News, he’s been trying to get them back, but it isn’t working.

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