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Family members of detainees and activists calling for the closure of the Rikers Island jail facility rallied to raise awareness of the rising death toll of inmates at the prison outside City Hall in New York City on Friday.

The activists lined up on a public stage and were accompanied by journalists and broadcasters. Spokespersons called on the authorities to take action.

"Together we have to keep coming together, we have to keep pushing and make sure our voices will be heard. The humans will be free, these humans deserve to be treated like humans, they are humans. These people do not even treat their dogs like that. Their dogs eat at the table while these humans are dying in cells while they are being locked up in bathrooms, not even cells," stated activist and speaker Melania.

Reports in recent weeks indicated Eleven dead inmates and rising suicide rates. Reports state that inmates could neither sit, nor lie down in overcrowded cells. There was also no food and not enough water, and plastic bags instead of toilets. Officials sometimes stayed away from work because they too feared for their lives.

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