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Days before a parliamentary vote, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Baghdad to mark the anniversary of anti-government protests in Iraq on Friday.

Protesters carried flags and banners as they protested in the iconic Tahrir Square.

The protest marks two years since protests over corruption and unemployment shook Iraq.


SOT, Abbas Al Sultany, Demonstrator (Arabic): "Our demonstration today is for the second anniversary for the October Revolution, the blessed one. The government and parties know our demands very well, which include changing the political system completely. Our problem isn’t with the person holding the prime minister’s office, our problem is the lack of competence. There are no jobs, no production, only lip service."

SOT, Reem Al-Obaidi, Demonstrator (Arabic): "Our main demand is justice for the blood of the martyrs. This failed government must resign and the country must get rid of corruptors. We do not want elections, we are against and boycotted it."

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