House Democrats delayed the scheduled vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Coal-baron-turned-senator Joe Manchin again threatened to kill Democrat’s climate, health care and anti-poverty legislation. A woman may lose her home because she can’t afford to pay $12,000 in fines that accrued when multiple 911 calls were made from her home. A Fox News host railed against literal ‘free lunches’ for hungry kids. Anchorage, Alaska Mayor Dave Bronson apologizes for defending those who wore anti-Semitic symbol to protest masks.

A judge ruled Alex Jones and Infowars are liable for all damages from several lawsuits filed by the relatives of the Sandy Hook shooting victims. Joe Rogan suggested that President Biden somehow faked getting a Covid booster shot live on TV. ‘MyPillow’ Guy Mike Lindell and Fox News are back in business. A new poll reveals that over half of Trump voters surveyed would like to secede from the U.S.

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