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China is a country known for censorship, the Asian giant has managed to position itself and stand up to the West, showing that they can open up to the world and, at the same time, maintain their dictatorship.

China has more censorship than any other country, a result of their superior technology that allows them to develop a massive firewall to filter the information that the Chinese population sees. The world’s most popular social media platforms are banned in this country, because China uses its own social networks which are monitored by the government, thereby having total control of the flow of information.

These days we are hearing of cases where Western films and companies self-censor themselves in order to enter the expanding and attractive Chinese market.

But how does censorship work in China? Is censorship being exported to other countries? Do many Western companies really censor themselves in order to enter the Chinese market?

Join us in this video where we answer these questions.

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