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Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced that Nord Stream 2 will be ready to launch in the coming days, speaking at the Russian Energy Week plenary conference ‘The future of traditional energy’ in Moscow on Thursday.

"Nord Stream 2 has been completed. Commissioning and filling of the pipe with the required technological amount of gas are underway. […] Everything further depends on the German watchdog when they give permission. It doesn’t depend on us. It depends on the Europeans, on the regulator, and how quickly they will make decisions", he said.

The minister went on to comment on Europe’s soaring energy prices.

"There is no need to blame somebody else on mismanaging their own markets, in particular the European market, where certain managerial mistakes have actually been made, which have led to the situation that is observed on the gas market today."

"No one plans the gas demand there, no one plans the supply. There is only hope for an invisible hand to the market, which will ensure gas supplies," he added.

Novak also said he expects the global oil market to recover fully by the end of next year.

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