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About 50 activists were detained at a protest outside the White House in Washington DC, on Wednesday, as protesters gathered for a third day of a planned five-day protest.
Protesters marched early in the morning from Freedom Plaza to the White House, where they chanted and held up signs demanding action from Biden.
The demonstration, called People vs Fossil Fuels, come ahead of the United Nations climate summit in November, where world leaders will work toward creating more commitments to limit global warming.

SOT, Kevin Kramer, activist: "When his community needed him the most he left us high and dry [inaudible] and I am not talking about the 30 plus years he sat on his ass as our US senator in Congress and did nothing for my state because the state of Delaware is still the murder capital for teenagers, my city is still the murder capital for teenagers, my city still suffers, we only have four f*cking grocery stores. He served as a senator for 30 years and did nothing, and then served as our vice president and did nothing, and now serving as the f*cking president of the United States and still doing nothing."

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