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Michael Jordan’s earliest known game-worn Nike sneakers are going under the hammer, as seen in New York City on Wednesday.
The sneakers will headline Sotheby’s upcoming ‘Icons of Excellence & Haute Luxury’ and are set to be the most expensive ever sold at auction.
Sotheby’s estimates the shoes will fetch between $1M (€0.86M) and $1.5M (€1.29M).
The current record for a pair of sneakers sold at auction already belongs to MJ. In 2020 his ‘Nike Air Jordan 1 High’ from 1985 was sold for $615,000.
The ‘Air Ship’ sneakers were worn by the basketball star in his fifth ever NBA game, in his rookie season in 1984, a season before the release of Jordan’s own line of sneakers with Nike. Jordan released successive sneakers since the ‘Air Ship,’ amassing the former NBA star upwards of a billion dollars.

SOT, "There are so many great memories with the brand. I think long term he will definitely add some more value to the shoe itself, and so later in life I can see you, or someone potentially re-selling that shoe and gaining a profit."

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